The cancer clinic on behalf of our patients would like to say a very big thank you to your group for taking your time out to come and donate the 24 knitted knockers, 20 gowns and a box of N95 masks.
The knockers would be of great benefit and relief to our women who had both or part of their breasts removed from breast cancer. We were not able to give chemotherapy for the last two weeks to to fown shortage and your donation helped a lot.

We look forward to continuing the relationship we havbe established with your group.

Once again, thank you very much.
Dr. Peter Olali,
Head of Oncology services,
Port Moresby General Hospital

Dear executive and staff of Knitted Knockers Australia,

I have been meaning to write to you since i received the Knitted Knockers. I have been delighted with them, thank you so much. I have found them to be especially comfortable, light in the summer, cool in the summer (thank god!), easy to care for and feel very much like I have my own boobs back!
I have recommended these special additions to my life to other breast cancer friends, and like me, they were unaware they existed, the country folk, like us, often need more information handed to us.
The cancer community hopes you are able to obtain assistance for the government, to continue your much appreciated work.

I remain,
Yours sincerely,
Carmel A.
Junortoun, VIC

PS: A cancer sufferer, bowel and breast, for the last 19 years

Firstly, let me thank you and your support group for making these knitted knockers, which have made such a huge difference to people who have only one breast or none. They are so comfortable and have changed my life completely.
I did ring A Current Affair but unfortunately they are not interested. I guess you have to have gone through breast cancer to understand the situation, fortunately you do so once again, my thanks to the team.
Enclosed is a cheque for $50 sorry it couldn’t be more.

Your’s faithfully, god bless,
Margaret P.
Berekley Vale, NSW

Dear Neighbourhood House Knitters,

Recently I became the proud owner of a pair of pink Knitted Knockers. I can’t begin to tell you what that gift has done for me! I am eight weeks post-op so the softness of the knitted Knockers is just right. That they are so washable is a bonus. It means I am still able to put up a good front which keeps my female vanity.

And the name “knitted knockers” really appeals to my sense of humour. I just love it!

Well done girls, keep knitting as there seems to be a great need for your product as more and more people are diagnosed every week. I hope this small donation will further your work.

Spring Gully, VIC

Thank you so much for the “Knitted Knockers”, they are way more comfortable and will be so much cooler than my other prosthesis during the hotter months.

Keep up the good work,

Thank you, I have received mine, wore it all weekend, it’s very comfortable. I highly recommend any one who has had a mastectomy you definitely need one of these.

Thanking you again,

Hi, i had a mastectomy in 1981, and every year I cringe at the thought of wearing my plastic boob at the heat that we are about to get…

I would appreciate  if you could help me with any information on how I can purchase one. Thank you for your time.

Shirley W.

n.b. All knitted knockers are free of charge

It’s been about a month now. You know I just don’t know how to really express the “WONDERFULNESS” that I feel and how it has quietly changed me.

When I was diagnosed, the option was given to take my one breast off so I took it. I have never had been bigger than 10/12 size so not a big loss. I did not realize that I had started to hunch over as my front was lopsided.

I did get a free breast from Medicare but it was too hard and hot because of the material it was made out of, I put it away, and just wore a nonwire padded bra. Consequently the right side buckled with the pressure of clothing.

Now I am more even and walking more upright, and am looking forward to summer with lighter clothing – winter clothing hides heaps.

Thank you seems so inadequate but I work in a school office and I understand the value of a thank you.

I also recognize the value of “treating people the way you would like to be treated” or karma. I have knitted squares for Wrap with Love for many years. Sown up blankets for them and converted a few others into knot squares. Now it has come back by someone knitting something for me that is greatly valued.


Dear Knitted Knockers Australia,

Thank you so much for my pretty pink replacement boobs. I do like the knitted ones as they are so light soft and comfortable. I have enclosed a small donation so the knitting can continue.

Sebastopal, VIC

To Knitted Knockers Australia,

Just a little note to say thank you for the knitted knockers, they were perfect. I have enclosed a little donation.


A little while ago, I received two pairs of your knitted knockers through my granddaughter Erin. They are as light as a feather and I love them. Thank you so much to the wonderful people who are preparing these knockers, they are innovative, soft, light and very comfortable. They will be wonderful in the summertime, when often I do not wear my prosthesises because they are hot and heavy.
My grateful thanks to you all. There are so many caring people in this world, keep up the good work.
Margaret E.

Hi Team,

My knitted knockers arrived last week, I tried them out on the weekend and they are fantastic! Keeping my chest warm and cushioned. I couldn’t be happier, thank you all so much for these beautifully knitted Knitted Knockers!

Kind Regards,

Hi Ladies,

There was an interesting article in The Townsville Bulletin this morning stating that Queensland ladies are having to wait over 5 years for breast reconstructive surgery- this is even more reason why Knitted Knockers are so important!

Knitted Knockers

Dear all,

So very many thanks for  the two pairs of Knockers, you sent me. I am many pleased, happy with them and find them so comfortable.

Thank you again for your response and generosity.

Kind regards,

Jocelyn N.

To the Knitted Knockers,

Thank you so very much for my beautiful Knitted Knockers! I immediately opened them and placed one in the vacant right hand side of my bra. A perfect fit! Both for size and dimensions. I could not stop looking in the mirror, I looked normal again. It bought a little happy tear to my eyes. What can I say, cancer has been such a jolly challenging journey, and I am sadly not finished yet, but these knitted knockers just made my day.

Much gratitude and smiles,
Jan N.

What a wonderful idea and such an answer to a prayer. My prosthesis is five years old and just about falling apart. I refuse to go into debt to get one, as a pensioner, I have a strict budget!

I had a mastectomy in 1984 on my left breast (size C). Would love the pink colour. I have enclosed $10 for for postage and I will also donate $50 towards this wonderful idea!

Thank you so much – How long do they last? I saw it this morning on Channel 7 with Sam and Kochie – never heard of it before, amazing!

Bless you all, and thank you,
Louise C.
Geelong, VIC

Dear lovely, generous ladies

Thank you so very, very much for my beautiful new “knockers”. They are just perfect, better than perfect and I feel amazing, my confidence is back to wear T-shirts again !

Jill C.

Dear Cheryl

Your recent talk to us at Royal Flying Doctors Services Branch was very inspirations and thank you

If I can find some Knitting recruits for you –  I’ll do my best.

Your work is marvelous please don’t stop.


Daphene B.

RIDS Members.

Please find set Knitted Knockers which was organized by my dear friend Sylvia from Frankstown. You were very generous and sent me two sets. I have been very fortunate and only required one set. So I am returning the enclosed to be given to another lady.

Keep up your great and innovative work.

Orange, N.S.W.

They have literally changed my life, enhancing my sense of femininity again and given me confidence in how I dress and feel.

The knitted prosthesis are soft, breathe in a natural way particularly on a hot day and once I am dressed I now forget I am wearing them.

Kind Regards,
Healesville, VIC.

I received my Knitted Knockers at the beginning of February and I can’t thank you enough. They are so comfy and look so natural, I am thrilled with them. I have been able to give your card to someone else who ha just had a mastectomy.

Once again thank you and all the best to you all.

Your sincerely,
Chiltern, VIC

I am writing to you in regards top Knitted Knockers last year (2014). I underwent a double mastectomy and I was issued with prosthetics made of gel. I don’t wear them; they are heavy, uncomfortable and make you perspire. My daughter works in Melbourne and saw a TV advertisement and gave me your number. I called, and the ladies are fantastic and so very helpful and kind. The Knitted Knockers themselves are beyond amazing, to wear them is fantastic. I can honestly say without a word of doubt that this is the best invention ever.

I cannot recommend Knitted Knockers enough, I really appreciate the care invention of these products, the ladies that make them need an award, what a fantastic service they provide. Knitted Knockers have have changed my life, I wear them with lots of pride. I am a dental nurse and work long hours, and I never feel weighed down.

I really think that unless you have worn knitted knockers, you cannot appreciate the brilliant product that it is. All I can say is a very massive thankyou to everyone involved. I have donated twice now, and I am now waiting on my reconstruction on the Medicare waiting list.

Thank you to everyone involved in knitted knockers, from the bottom of my heart. Keep up your good work.

Yours faithfully,
Woody Point, QLD

Many, MANY thanks for the 2 pairs of Knitted Knockers which arrived yesterday. I had a mastectomy in May 2009 and a second one in Easter this year. My chest area has been too tender after a severe infection this time to try for a new “proper” prosthesis, so these are just a wonderful surprise.

Please pass on my great appreciation to the knitters as well as to the organisational structure behind this concept.

Congratulations to all,
Hobart, TAS

I would like to thank you and your group of knitters for the pair of Knitted Knockers that I received last week. I am sure that they will be a lot cooler to wear in the summer months that are on their way. I have found the silicon prosthesis to be very hot to wear over summer.

Without people who volunteer their time to help others this world. I also knit, for the premie babies, the homeless and sew for our local wildlife rescue group. I wish your group of knitters all the best and to keep up the good work.

Once again, I thank you one and all,
Burleigh Town, QLD

Thank you so much for my prosthesis. They feel so good, soft and comfortable, I am going to tell my specialist in Sydney about them.

Thanking you again,
Ulladulla, NSW.

Just a line to let you know my mother is pleased with the Knitted Knockers. After two years of not having any, they make her look good and feel good. She is so pleased with them.

I have passed your phone number onto other ladies that are interested in them. We are happy to help with the knitting of the Knockers. We still can’t believe these knockers exists for people like my mother.

Thank you so much and keep up the good work.
Woodford, QLD

Thank you for the set of two size B and the one set of size A which I think will be more suitable.

This is a great service you are providing for many women and I’m sure it is much appreciated. I have sent a donation of $40.

Camberwell, VIC.

I received some Kitted Knockers made by Heather from Deception Bay. I am so grateful for these, they allowed me to return from the hospital with dignity and I have returned to work.

Thank you very, very much again,
Warner, QLD

I wish to express my great appreciation for my prosthesis made by you. It is light, comfortable and easy to use and wash. I am delighted with it.

Please accept my small donation. I have been able to resume my life with minimal disruption with my Knitted prosthesis!!

Glen Waverley, VIC

I recently received my knitted knockers and was so excited I could hardly wait to try them out. I wish to thank all the women involved in Kitted Knockers of Australia, for restoring cancer survivor’s feelings of normality and giving us renewed confidence and a freedom of being able to wear what we want to wear. Although cancer survivors are strong and beautiful people no matter what, I’m sure I speak for many when I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I just heard about Knitted Knockers through a friend on Facebook. My 3rd silicone prostheses was falling to pieces, being held together with tape until I could afford to buy another one, or until reconstructive surgery happens, whichever came first.

After speaking with Dorne in Mackay recently, I am so very grateful to be receiving a pair of knitted knockers to try. I am sure they will be more comfortable than heavy, sweaty prosthetic boobs.

Thank you to all the beautiful souls who knit these for others to benefit from.

Kind regards,

Wamuran, Qld

Dear all at Knitted Knockers,

I do hope you have all had a very merry Christmas. I have just found out about your charity through an article on the BBC website and felt compelled to write to you. I am a reconstructive surgeon in Brisbane and regularly come across ladies who struggle with prostheses fitting. As I’m sure you are aware there are a number of ladies who don’t really wish to undergo further surgery for reconstructive purposes but hate the available alternatives. I will definitely be putting these ladies in touch with you to see if your knitted versions will give them as much confidence and comfort as I’ve seen on a number of other ladies on the internet.

Please keep up the good work.
King regards

Dear Knitted Knockers Staff,
Many thanks for sending me a pair of Knitted Knockers. I am finding them very comfortable and they fit so easily into an ordinary bra.

Yours sincerley,
Mary A,
Brassall, QLD

To the Managers of Knitted Knockers,
My parcel arrived quite safely, I know i’ll begin to appreciate the softness when I begin to use them. Thank you so very much. I’m enclosing a contribution, and will write a testimonial later.
Yours Sincerely,
Kyabram, VIC

To Knitted Knockers,
Enclosed is payment for the pattern and the cotton. The prosthesis is a wonderful addition to my bra, after not finding my other from the cancer society not as good.

Many thanks,
Mosgiel, NZ

So soft and comfy compared to the silicon.

Thank you,
Patricia O. Mt, Eliza, VIC

My sincere thanks to you for the parcel I received perfectly timed this week. I arrived home from my mastectomy operation on Tuesday so find a pair of knockers waiting for me. I would like to express my deepest thanks to the lady who knitted them for me and everyone involved in this program. It was with great pleasure that i have sent a financial contribution to this branch.
Warm Regards,
Katie M

To the Wonderful people at “Knitted Knockers”
Many thanks for my Knitted Knockers. What a terrific job you all do. They are great – so soft and comfortable. My tops fall nicely now and I won’t feel so self-conscious.

Many thanks,
Laraine A.

Dear Knitted Knockers,
I received my Knitted Knockers last week and I love them. I am pleased to enclose a donation. Do you have a brochure or leaflet advertising your productso I can display it in my GP’s clinic and at the chemo unit? I will send more feedback after a few months wear.

Thank you.

Dear Knitted Knocekrs,
Thank you so much for the Knitted Knockers – they are wonderful.
I am enclosing a $5 donation for you.

Thank you
Margaret G

Dear Knitters,
Thank you for sending to me your Knitted Knockers as a response to my request via email. Wonderful idea, especially as warmer days approach and they’re lighter to wear. I have enclosed a donation to cover postage.

Thank you,
Joan H,
Orange NSW

To Knitted Knockers,
Thank you, I have recieved my Kitted Knockers. I have just finished my radiation treatment and badly needed a pick-me-up. Thank you! I have enclosed a cheque for $20. I just wish I could send you a bigger donation, but as a pensioner it makes it hard.

Thank you so much,
Elaine H.

To all the volunteers,
Thank you very much for your time going into making prosthesis, they are wonderful. So light and comfortable, and in summer they will be so cool. They are making me feel better about myself once again. Thank you!

Carol G.

Knitted Knockers,

I enclose $50 and my grateful thanks for sending me “knockers”. I have only one complaint as they are so light it is very hard to stop my bra from riding up.

Yours gratefully,
Jenny E

I hope I can put a smile on a sad ladies face with the knockers I knit.

Dianne K.

Dear Cheryl
Enclosed, please find my cheque for the postage costs of sending me my knitted knocker, plus a little bit more as a donation. You are doing a wonderful service to people like me, and I really appreciate your kindness.

Jill K

Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of the KK prosthesis. They are beautifully made.

With appreciations,
Georgiana L.

I have enjoyed the knitting and would happily do more, if you think my work is suitable. I had returned to filling because I was not sure how much to put in, I am happy to sew, fill, if you can tell me how much to use.
I would like to tell you that I am a survivor from breast cancer surgery. In 1959, while pregnant with my first child. I am one of the fortunate ones, and have had excellent health. I have had three children, 10 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren, so there is always hope. I have a great affinity for your work.

Freda N.,
Mt. Isa, QLD

Many thanks for sending me the cotton and filling – will perfect the pattern the more I knit. These knockers are a wonderful idea and I am very proud to be able to be involved.

Rae S.
Oxenford, QLD

Many thanks for my Knitted Knockers received last year. What a wonderful idea, i am sure they will be a lot cooler than the silicone ones I am wearing. Enclosed please find a cheque $30 donation to help with the postage, etc.

Many thanks,
Rita M.
Nowra, NSW

Dear Cheryl,

I received my pair of prosthesis this week. Please pass on my appreciation to all your volunteer knitters and helpers, they fit into my mastectomy perfectly and they are soft and very comfortable. Thank you for making me feel a bit more “normal” again.

Kind Regards,
Janine I.

Dear Knitted Knockers,

Congratulations on saving me a lot of money and solving my problem re. prosthesis. My very good friend Dawn persuaded me to try knitted knockers, and I am so grateful to her. Please find enclosed donation for the two sets (C and D) which you posted to me.

Yours Faithfully,
Margaret S.
South Geelong, VIC

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you for my recently received “Knitted Knockers” parcel, aren’t they beautifully made! I’m sure that they will be comfortable to wear during summer. Our local medical centre has your little advertising card ad will put it up in their surgery. Enclosed is a cheque for $25 to help towards postage, etc.

Thanks for your help,
Glenda W.
Finley, NSW

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you for an inspirational story about the Knitted Knockers Australia program in Spotlight’s “Get Creative” magazine. Inittially I thought “What the…? Are they what I think they are?” Then the penny dropped and I read with great interest about these alternative prosthesis. With a client who this may benefit, it would be a pleasure to do some knitting with a real purpose of helping someone in need.

I would be pleased to recieve the pattern or kit I would like to take this program to the CWA branch and group I belong to. I congratulate you and all your supporters and look forward to hearing from you in dure course.

Kind Regards,
Lsurelei V.
Beaconsfield, VIC

Dear Cheryl,

Enclosed is a donation towards the Burwood Knitted Knockers from the Village Glen Craft Group. We are pleased to know the prosthetic boobs being knitted across Australia are blessing many people.

Carolyn O.

Thank you so much for all your help in getting me the correct size. I have given the knitted knockers that were to small to my niece, that had a mastectomy 8 years ago and has only worn a swimming prosthesis as she found the real one too heavy.

Thank you for all you’ve done,
Gladys E.

Thank you, they are very comfortable. They’re lightweight , no itches, no rashes and no issues!

Thank you
After multiple postal delays I received my Knitted Knockers today 21/12/2018!
Thank you the prosthesis is very comfortable and it will be a relief to wear at home as I find the silicone one very hot and heavy
Thanks again
Christine F.

I have recently received my Knitted Knockers. Wow!! The Best thing since sliced bread! Thank you so very much.

Val H.
Casterton, VIC

Dear Knitted Knockers,

Thank you so much for sending me the Knitted Knockers, I feel complete once more. I’ve been going without my prosthesis because it was too hot, so now I feel whole again. Thank you once again, thank you once again and please thank the ladies that knitted my lovely prosthesis.

Yours Sincerely,
June B,
Singleton, NSW

I have been very well looked after by the Canberra branch and the Knitted Knockers have made such a difference to me. I use a big set sometimes and a medium set on most days but don’t use the very expensive, very heavy set prosthesis that cost a fortune at all.

I tell everyone whom I meet who has had a mastectomy about your wonderful work and service, and many of them did not know about them.

So thank you again and please offer a big thank you to those who knit them, pack them and administer the organisational aspects of them as well.

Yours sincerely,
Ann L,
Yarralumla, ACT

My 92 year aunt had her breast removed in her 80s and found the solid/sandfilled prosthesis too heavy and hot. When I found the leaflet and rang Jennifer and she was so lovely an helpful, I picked up a selection and my aunt is overwhelmed at the kindness of your knitters and the comfort of her new breast that does away with the cotton filling stuffing she was using. Thank you so much for providing dignity to my Aunt, and please thank these wonderful knitters.

Maureen S,
Newtown, VIC

Thank you so much. I had a radical mastectomy in 1988 and have been through a series of medical type prosthesis. This one makes me look good, thank you, I’ll keep you posted by email.

Bubula L.
Cobargo, NSW

Hi Ladies,

Just a HUGE thank you for the 2 knitted knockers I received

They are sooooo comfy and cool compared with my $400 Prosthesis

You do amazing work and know that it is much appreciated.
I have in the past made a donation and my limited budget doesn’t allow more.
Thank you so much
Thank Cheryl very much, it’s made me a lot more comfortable.


Sandra C,
Mitcham, VIC

I’m very excited to get these knitted knockers. They look fabulous. Thanks ladies.
Norma G
Lismore, NSW
I received my package today, so comfortable and a nice bit of luxury. Cheers!


Marianne H.

This is such a great project initiative! And what a fantastic idea – simple, quick, pain free, no surgical intervention, removable and a community initiative. Thank you.


I am crying with happy tears, I can not wait to feel normal again – you have made an old lady feel very happy.

Mary P.

What a bloody brilliant idea! Congratulations! Might seem odd coming from a bloke but I was seriously moved when seeing the report on Knitted Knockers on the ABC this morning. Such a wonderful psychological and physical comfort…almost bought me to tears. On ya, as they say in the classics!



Finally found out about about these on TV this morning, (never usually watch Sunday morning as I’m usually working) and I have been trying to find them. I had a double mastectomy 12 moths ago and would love these, being so light and natural looking!

Edwina P.
Bowral, NSW

Thank you for the Knitted Knockers you sent me. They are the best “falsies” I have tried since my double mastectomy 5 years ago.

Irene T.

I am a cancer liaison at a hospital, I work with a lady who had surgery 30 years ago and has been using silicon since. She’s very grateful.

Elly P.

Hi Cheryl,

I would just like to thank you so much for sending me the “knitted KNOCKERS” which actually arrived on the day that I came home from hospital, following my op. What perfect timing that was? (They are so soft and light compared to the prosthesis that I used to have).

It is really a great service that you and other volunteer knitters are doing and I thank you for giving your time to do that.

Best wishes,
I was just wondering how I can please order 2 knotted knockers? I had a double mastectomy last year. I have prosthetics but don’t often wear them. I’ve heard the knitted knockers are much more comfortable.

Thanks so much