In the next 24 hours, 43 Australians will hear four terrifying words – “You have breast cancer”.

With your help, Knitted Knockers Australia can ensure they don’t face this challenge alone.

DONATIONS are welcome to the organization for the purchase of the 100% cotton, packaging and postage.
           ” We can buy more COTTON to build more KITS to empower more KNITTERS to support more WOMEN”
Bank Details are as follows:  


Bank Name
Account No
Bendigo Bank
KK + Surname


  • All  cheques are made out to “Knitted Knockers” Australia  
  • Reference KK + surname IS IMPORTANT as other Agency clients are direct debiting into the account for “House activities and short courses”.
  • We note (KK) is allocated to our community project: KNITTED KNOCKERS AUSTRALIA
  • If the Bank does not put the Ref in and they say only numbers just put in 1234.