Oct 15


PATTERN We do not have our pattern on the web, you need to request a kit. Kit contains our 100% COTTON (Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply) pattern and fibre fill.

For our organisations high standard of quality control we want the product to be the same across Australia, hence a standard kit that is given out for FREE.

The knitted prosthesis is so soft and it can be worn straight after the mastectomy operation.

Order your Kit from Head Office: by phone: 03 9808 6292 or email
knittersknockersaustralia@gmail.com or burwoodn@bigpond.net.au

Look forward to hearing from you
Cheryl President, Knitted Knockers Australia.


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  1. Barbara Daiute

    My sister and I have had a breast cancer, with a lumpectomy. My niece had to have her breast removed, and is not wearing anything, she seems a little discouraged. I thought if I made one for her, just to show that she loves me, she would try it, and would see that she looks normal!!
    Thank you for doing such good work.

    1. burwoodn

      Hi Barbara, It would be a pleasure to send you a pair of knitted prosthesis from our stock. All knitters are registered with the organisation, they knit the prosthesis and send into Head Office or an authorised branch as all the prosthesis have to go through a national Quality Control check. We have a national register of all prosthesis that are given out. All I would need is her name.address and her ordinary bra cup size. I could still send the prosthesis to you to give to her as a gift. Email us at burwoodn@bigpond.net.au Thanks Cheryl President Knitted Knockers Australia.

  2. Juda

    Could I get (buy) the pattern for the knitted knockers??

    1. burwoodn

      Hi Juda, Just email Head Office : burwoodn@bigpond.net.au with your request and details and we will be able to help you. Cheryl President Knitted Knockers Australia.

  3. Marty Peisch

    What a wonderful project! I would be delighted to start Knitted Knockers in my hometown of Brainerd, Minnesota, USA (it’s in the north-central part of USA). There is one hospital in town, and others 20 miles to the east and west. I know plenty of knitters that would be delighted to help.

    If you cannot mail a kit to me, perhaps you can send me the pattern and enough information to get a new group up and running.

    Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to getting started!

    Marty Peisch
    5211 Ojibwa Road
    Brainerd, MN 56401 USA
    (218) 963-4359

    1. burwoodn

      Thanks for your wonderful offer, but you can support womem in your local community, contact the Knitted Knockers Info and they will be able to help you.Please let them know that we referred you. Cheryl President Knitted Knockers Australia.

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